Reader testing needed!: Dr Beckmann’s Service-it

Dr beckmann

More things to give away for testing here at TWR! This time it's washing machine cleaner from Dr Beckmann! Oh, the glamour!

Now DON'T all switch off, stay with me on this, I appreciate it's not quite as fabulous as anti ageing face serum, panasonic TV or neck smoothing cream, but it is still a great product……AND much more useful than an exercise video too…(how are you getting on, Sue and Marv?)

When was the last time you stuck your head inside your washing machine and checked all was well? eh? Well go do it now and come back and tell me it doesn't need a really good clean… Am I right? Thought so.

Dr Beckmann reckon's that washing detergents and softeners cause a nasty build up of residue in machines (think shower drains if you have one, ours gets disgustingly yucky) and regular use of a cleaner will prolong the use of the machine AND have the insides smelling much nicer. 

We have long been fans of Dr Beckmann's passion for cleaning (it came up with this rather wonderful ad, would saying that get us sacked from Sky?) but we really need someone to check out the products to see if they are as good as they sound, so anyone have a grubby washing machine that needs a clean? Wouldn't it be lovely to have a sparkling, longer lasting washing machine? Leave us a comment and we'll send you the cleaner….as always, entertaining remarks are likely to win out.

PS, you might like to know that the average UK household looses 60 socks a year according to the Dr Beckmann website, I often wonder where all our missing socks go, if you have the answer to the missing sock mystery then that might get you a winning bottle of Service-it….

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