Toast & Marmalade by Emma Bridgewater

emma bridgewater toast and marmalade

I’m only guessing, but I bet a good deal of our readers have a bit of Emma Bridgewater pottery in the cupboard. Emma’s ceramics started off as the coolest thing in the world to eat your supper off at one point, now it’s everywhere and we all know it, but it’s still very charming and now there’s a book to read while sipping tea from your spotty mug.

Toast & Marmalade: Stories from the Kitchen Dresser, A Memoir is a mash-up book; part autobiography, part storytelling, part recipes, part reflecting on being an (unexpectedly) successful business woman. Beautifully shot images are by Andrew Montegomary and the cover is that nice ‘fabric spine and matt surface’ look that’s so popular with this type of lifestyle book at the moment.

I’ve worked my way through half the book and It’s nicely written, with poetic reflections from Emma’s childhood woven around love for ceramics and kitchen dressers, with her favourite recipes popped in at the appropriate moment. It’s a heartwarming, feel good family-loving read. Yes, I’m thinking perfect Mother’s Day present.



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  • Sue says:

    You aren’t wrong about my crockery cupboards.I don’t care if it is a bit old hat, I really love EB pottery, especially the flower mugs.Something so reassuring and solid about it.What a beautiful book.

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