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Image Ari Magg at I-D Magazine

Björk is described in this month’s The Gentlewoman, rightly, as a ‘sonic genius’, but she is of course much more than this. As well as being ground-breakingly original in her music -even people who don’t like it acknowledge her vision -she’s a great example of an age-neutral image.

She has never pushed herself as a predicable ‘gorgeous singer’ like many young musicians are encouraged to do. Instead she’s been much more interesting and created a fascinating selection of ambitious looks that tag where she is in her musical journey. I absolutely love the current album Vulnicura’s cover (below) and there’s a good review of past cover artwork here. Wouldn’t it be good if more female musicians were encouraged to be creative with their image rather than base it on their looks?

She’s a big clothes fan but is apparently rubbish at looking after outfits, so admits in the Gentlewoman article that she’s started to give clothes back to the designers, such as her many Alexander McQueen outfits, to take care of them and keep them in heir archives.

Björk is 50 this year.



  • 47yearold says:

    I love the way that Bjork dresses, even the much maligned swan dress – because she wears what she wants to wear. The new cover seems to have a very slimmed down version of her legs, but perhaps that’s an artistic decision!

  • Jo Orr says:

    I have had such a girl-crush on Bjork from all the way back to when I first heard her incredible voice singing “Birthday’ when she was in The Sugarcubes!! One of the things I particularly connected with was her utter disinterest in appearing conventionally “sexually attractive” which, these days, seems to involve parading around with little more than a thong on!! Everything she does is subsumed to her music….I also love how she thrives on creative collaborations- her insistence that more can happen when people get together and share! Great choice!

  • Amanda says:

    Glad you liked the choice, apparently she is tiny, so could indeed be her shape, but could also be that ‘conventionally attractive’ interference too….Ax

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