We love dogs: but are not so sure about Doggie Moms!

Visiting New York last summer I was surprised at how dog mania had taken over the city in the same way it has in Tokyo. There were dogs everywhere, very cute but often quite badly behaved, as they seemed to be treated like furry humans .

We British seem to have more of an old fashioned, down to earth attitude to our dogs, but since owning my own dog I have noticed (and can be guilty of) more and more people treating their dogs more like extended family members.

When researching the concept of 'humanising' pets for a feature I'm writing for the day job, I spoke to my oldest (in friendship terms – not age) and dearest friend The Real Housewife of New York, who happens to be a dog owner and live in NYC. She has written about this before and agrees that perhaps the whole 'pet parenting' is a little out of control.

She drew my attention to a new TV series Doggy Moms, which debuted in the US last week. The show follows a group of New York women whose lives revolve around their four legged 'furry children' as they take them on doggie dates, to birthday parties, weddings, meet-ups, pageants, fashion shows, costume contests and fundraisers etc etc!! It looks so wrong yet so so compelling that I know I would be completely addicted if I lived in New York.

It makes me realise that we British dog owners have absolutely nothing to worry about!
Anyway must dash – I have to choose todays 'fur baby' outfit!

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