COS and Clifton: match made in heaven?

In what seem’s a match made in heaven to us, our favourite retailer COS has teamed up with the super chic garden centre Clifton Nurseries to host a pop up plant shop in the Regent Street store. Although this is not much more than a pretty window display and an inspiring use of botanics in store, we still love the idea and as you know, ANY excuse to deviate to COS is to be encouraged. Finishes this Friday so hurry up if you’re interested.


  • Becky says:

    Is Cos a relatively new thing ? I had never heard of them when I left the UK 5 and a half years ago – am looking forward to having a look around one this summer.

  • amanda says:

    Oh Becky, you have a treat in store. yes it's only a couple of years old, is part of the Hennes group and is a bit of a cross between Prada Sport and Jil Sander…we think of it as our Topshop…..Ax ps we have heard there's a website selling stock in the pipeline…

  • Oh Becky, you're missing out it's amazing. I'd say a cross between Jil Sander and Gap. In fact I wish Gap would take a leaf out of their book!

  • Becky says:

    I'm even more excited now – which is the best one to go to do you think ? I'll dump the kids and pop up for a sophisticated shop as soon as I can manage it, sounds wonderful !

  • amanda says:

    Regent Street or Covent Garden, there 's also quite a good one in Westfield. There aren't that many in total. have fun

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