We love: Robert Clarke’s A – Z of Dogs


I am well aware I am in danger of becoming a dog bore. I will wax lyrical to anyone who will listen, about how wonderful it is to own a dog, and have even started a rather worrying collection of ceramic dogs!

I love how dogs faces perfectly sum up their personalities and often reflect their owners characteristics too.

The A -Z of Dogs at the Rebecca Hossak Gallery, opens on April 1st and features Robert Clarke's lovely paintings of dogs.  Not always a dog lover, he explains…..

"I had always been very frightened of dogs, when my girlfriend of the time suggested we get a Jack Russell. We did and in doing so, did interesting things like puppy club, where you get to pass round your puppy like pass the parcel. They ask you to put your hands in their mouths and touch their paws. So I went from crossing the road in fear to having a bull terrier called Nike (big bugger) and a comb eating Basset Hound called Trudy on my lap writhing and snarling…..a religious experience…..Then of course dog world happens. You take the dog to the park  and you meet all sorts of fabulous people you wouldn't come across everyday – I was hooked. I started to draw and then paint and really it's been a voyage of canine discovery ever since".


Clarke is also working on a book called The A -Z of Dogs, and is showing some paintings at The Modern Pantry pop up restaurant at Meza in Soho, which opens today. The restaurant incorporates furniture from Danish design house Fritz Hanson and food from renowned New Zealand chef, Anna Hansen. 

Check out Robert Clarkes dog loving blog too.

Robert Clarke: The A – Z of Dogs
1st April – 21 April
28 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia,
London W1T 2NA

The Modern Pantry at Meza,
100 Wardour Street,
London, W1F 0TN
To book call: 020 7314 4002


  • Susan says:

    oooh- when I saw the illustrations, I hoped it would become a book. I'm the aunt who gives books as presents, and this will be perfect for my niece. Love your blog, by the way- I've been lurking a while

  • jane says:

    Lucky niece or nephew!
    Good to have you as a reader Susan


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