We don’t just love, we adore: Advanced Style and Nowness

We have mentioned before, how much we love the fabulous stylish older women Ari Seth Cohen features on his Advanced Style blog. He recently collaborated with film maker Lina Plioplyte, to create a short film featuring some of his favourite fashionable older ladies, and it showcased yesterday on another of our favourite blogs Nowness.

Part of the luxury group LVMH, Nowness features inspiring daily posts on contemporary culture and fashion. Collaborating with the worlds most forward thinking designers and creatives, the blog is editorially independant and innovative, and a constant source of interesting ideas.

The amazing older women in the film are inspiring both for their unique sense of style and their refreshing attitude to aging. From now on our mantra is going to be ‘every era builds character.

What we want to know is, where are the British versions of these fabulous women?

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  • I bumped into a woman in Covent Garden yesterday who was the English version of Advanced Style. She looked so amazing, I just had to stop and tell her! She said lots of people ask for her photo but she always refuses – I tried, honest!

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