We love: Cocomaya’s seed bread


Writing about food, which I don't normally do, is very enjoyable because you get to eat! This week I popped into Cocomaya, the artisanal chocolate and bakery store, to chat to the delightful Walid Al Damirji, one of the co owners, about food display. A fashion boy through and through (I admired his bag and he admitted it was Marni…) he used to work for Joseph and still makes up-cycled clothes from vintage finds.

He claims there's a lot of cross over between fashion and food, saying 'Chefs are far worse than fashion designers, they are so queeny you can cut the atmosphere in the kitchen with all those knives…' We can quite believe it although everyone in the Cocomaya kitchen seemed very nice when I went round.

Walid sent me home with three of the most delicious loaves of fashionably dainty bread and cake I have ever eaten, a seeded loaf, densely packed with a multitude of seeds (surely that counts as healthy?) a spelt bread which was the most tasty (it disappeared first in our household) and the most scrumptious Russian Tea Cake that I ate almost entirely on my own due to not wanting to share it. All at £7.50 each, expensive but totally worth it for a treat. As is the entire experience visiting the Connaught Village site, it's a beautiful place to meet for tea or lunch, if it's sunny you can sit outside and watch the world go by then pop across to The Dresser and my new favourite antique store Clarke & Reilly

And now the ladies who lunch in Sloane Square have a Cocomaya they can visit too, as a new store and cafe has recently opened in Pavillion Road just off the Square (next to Ormonde Jayne's perfume shop). Seriously though, the seed bread's the one to go for.



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