My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk

Pia Jane Bijkerk, from Enhance the Everyday

It’s all about lovely things to look at the moment…quite independently Jane and I have selected this week to write about nice books we’ve seen (there’s a nice one coming tomorrow too)…I’m sure the fact that Mother’s Day is coming up has NOTHING to do with it.

This week I’ve been busy researching a feature on food which has allowed me to amble through a whole host of wonderful foodie blogs and websites….I have hardly made it to lunchtime without diverting into the kitchen to eat or make something, how professional food writers survive without getting huge is beyond me.

Anyway, I found Pia Jane Bijkerk’s startlingly beautiful blog Enhance The Everyday on my internet travels and think it’s worth a mention. Pia is a stylist and photographer, specialising in food and interiors so some of our more in-the-know readers may already know her work. She scuttles between Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney and photographs and soundscapes all three cities regularly. Wouldn’t that be lovely to live in three such gorgeous places?

Her photos are lovely and the interior ones particularly inspiring, the blog features interesting things to do and see in all three locations (and more) and there are recipes from ‘guest cooks’ who feature things from their recipe books. But my favourite bit is the Soundscapes, recordings of places Pia has been, just simple stuff like a walk in the woods, opening a window on a sunny day or a trip through town while a brass band is playing, which is just a magical touch. Listening to them quite cheered up my day.

She has already written a couple of nice sounding books, Paris Made by Hand, and Amsterdam, Made by Hand and there’s one to come out very soon, which had me at its title, My Heart Wanders so they might be good to add to the list, or just look at the blog on a regular basis, certainly cheered me up.


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