My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss

We hope all you mums are having a lovely day and have enjoyed breakfast in bed on a tray, and maybe even a small gift.

We sometimes forget who were before we became mums and many women loose their confidence style wise when they become parents, due either to lack of time, or having more important things to think about. Looking back at old pictures of ourselves and our mums remind us of the days when getting ready could take hours, as there was no-one else to think about!

My Mom Style Icon
We have mentioned how much we love the fabulous My Mom Style Icon before. A lovely blog featuring wonderfully inspiring photographs of readers mums in their style hey days, the retro images and stories of some truly inspiring women make us want to drag out all those dusty old photograph albums and start documenting our own families style moments.

Now the author Piper Weiss, has written a book featuring 200 photographs from past decades of stylish mums. A perfect gift for mothers, daughters, and stylish women in general, My Mom, Style Icon is a lovely tribute to the first and most important style icon in any womans life.

Happy Mothers day.

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