We love: Fabio from Shan Rahimkhan Luxe hair collection


Is it our age that makes us susceptible to the theatrical attention of hairdressers? We wrote about it before here, but I think there’s a whole PHD to be written on the subject myself. And the more talanted the hairdresser, the bigger the pull.

As Jane said on Monday, we get invited to quite a few product events that are out of our fashion-comfort-zone nowadays and one of these recently was to meet Shan Rahimkhan, a super-star hairdresser from Berlin who regularly does Very Famous People’s hair and was just back from doing Oscar up-dos. Sadly no one knows him from Adam here so drinks were set up to introduce him and his quite fabulous assistant Fabio to the press, and to talk about his product range.

There is no doubt Shan is brilliant, he twiddled a number of eminent beauty bloggers’ hair into gorgeous chignons while explaining why a trip to Berlin would be wasted if you failed to to visit his Casa, Coiffeur and Cafe in the Mitte district. But where he is knowledgeable, discreet and quiet, his beautifully groomed and effusive assistant Fabio was anything but. “He’s Fraank, from Father of the Bride’ whispered Jane to me as we sat and watched, spell bound as Fabio tossed his marvellous (and VERY glossy) mane of hair, explained the product (lots of bamboo in it, silica helps gloss apparently) and handed hair grips to Shan.

We were treated to a bottle of shampoo and conditioner from the collection each, but first Fabio inspected our hair, grimacing and tutting as he tested the texture with his hands in a rather cliche-hairdresser act that totally came from the heart and we loved it. Eventually he selected just the right one for us. we clutched our bottles and smiled up at him like a couple of smitten teenagers. There was certain amount of hysterical adulation at the wonder of Shan’s skills too from our younger blogger friends who had their hair up-done, so perhaps it’s just a girl thing..

Anyway, the range of shampoos and conditioners are nice, they smell gorgeous, and we were taken with the packaging design (practical but would look good on your bathroom shelves). The whole Shan Rahimkhan range is available on line at Harvey Nichols but you’ll have to pop to Berlin to get a glimpse of Fabio.



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