Older Models At Evans Bikes

Well done Evans Cycles on using this image of a stylish grown up woman – Anne, apparently- on their A Match Made In Evans advertising. Good to see. I’m a keen urban cyclist, although I rarely do distances longer than to the end of Barnes and back, but if it were safer (and possibly flatter) I’d cycle all over London. If I was mayor for the day, one of the things I’d do would be to stop the traffic and have everyone walk and cycle everywhere.

Evans is not where you’d expect a stylish older woman to turn up, although maybe it is, as us boomers are keen for experience over stuff, so although a bike counts as stuff, it’s more about keeping fit and low-fi traveling. It is still a mystery to us why brands are concentrating their efforts  -both in product and marketing terms – on younger consumers. I was reading this, which claims that  “According to Goldman Sachs, nearly two thirds of businesses focus their efforts on targeting Millennials, while Baby Boomers are being overlooked. Figures from Hitachi Capital UK and the Centre for Economic and Business research, found that the silver pound is now worth over 6% of GDP. Crucially the contribution that the over 50s is making to overall spending is growing much faster than the spending of young people – three times faster in fact – which means that in every subsequent year the silver pound will carry more and more weight.” THREE TIMES FASTER.

And yet still very few older models. Still very few fashion brands love.

So more of this Evans initiative please, us older women want stylish bikes, stylish cycle gear and help finding it.

PS, despite the terrible fire earlier this week, Portobello Market is remaining open so I’m still going to be there today and tomorrow as planned with my clothes. Although all the joy will be gone from the experience, obviously.

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