A night in with the girls ……………and Nivea and ASOS

Nivea and ASOS
We are asked to take part in events and try new products out more and more often. We try to be discerning in what we choose to test, or participate in and more often than not end up saying no, for one reason or another. Teen daughter was disgusted with me when I turned down the chance to visit Essex Fashion Week, (actually I was GUTTED I couldn't go to that due to work commitments!) or try out the latest in eyelash extensions. 

So when we were asked to take part in the launch of the new collaboration between the Nivea Invisible range and ASOS, I thought it may be just the thing for the teen and some of her friends to try out.

The new range of Nivea Invisible black and white deodorant is designed not to leave marks when you are in a rush and pull on your black top/white dress over your newly applied deodorant. We've all done it and there really is nothing more annoying. So I tried out the deodorant and I can honestly it really doesn't leave any white marks!

But what about the capsule range of black and white dresses and new styling tool ASOS have created to tie in with the Nivea launch? Who better to give it a try than a group of fashion forward 15 year olds who are not afraid to say what they think, and they get the chance to win one of the dresses.

They log on and have a go at the styling tool, which allows you to accessorize one of the four cute dresses in the collection. The teens are experts at this as they spent many hours when they were younger dressing up Beyonce and Victoria Beckham (not literally) on one of their favourite tween websites Stardoll. If you have a tween and they don't know this site, check it out, it's hours of girly fun and the modern day equivalent of dressing the paper dolls at the back of Bunty magazine (now I am really showing my age!).

The styling tool allows them to choose from one of four accessories, which luckily they liked, but they would have loved to pick their own, and I'm sure would have added lots more given the chance  - teens aren't big on the 'understated simplicity' trend!

These girls have grown up with sites like Stardoll and would love to make their own outfits, even if they couldn't afford to buy everything. So if anyone from ASOS is reading, it might be an idea for the future – think Stardoll meets The Sims – except you can actually buy everything! 

The competition is on until the 31st of May, so if you or your teen fancy having a go, log on to ASOS and take a look. It's really very simple, even for a middleagedmum like me, one of the dresses even has sleeves and I'm loving the turquoise brothel creepers to go with it!

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  • Jude says:

    Have you already said 'no' to trialling the eylash extensions? I'd love to have a go if the offer's still open. Would have bought the Illamasqua no:14 (inbetween scary and pointless, according to the sales asst)but they'd run out of stock.

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