Pantherella: socks to watch The Killing in

DSC_0585(Top sock in 'Nordic print' cashmere is £30, bottom sock in Fairisle Shetland is £20)

While out at press days recently, I was much taken by the great line of socks produced by UK manufacturer Pantherella (who also make the socks for Scott Nichol). Pantherella is a traditional UK sock maker which has been around since 1937, it proudly boasts its socks are still made with with handl-linked toes and although we're not quite sure if that makes them better socks, they are certainly made in beautiful colours and patterns.

These ones above have a distinctly Skandi-feel and might do nicely for wearing during reruns of The Killing if you don't much fancy Sarah Lunds' big heavy sweater. I suspect we might get a minor Nordic Knitwear trend happening this autumn after the success of the TV series (series two is being screened in the autumn, peak knitwear season) and socks may be a nice way to participate. 

The Pantherella and Scott Nichol ones are in a number of very covetable colours, wool types (Shetland, Alpaca and Merino) and patterns, but I loved the chunky ones best, they would be brilliant for my wellies, I love the idea of wearing fancy socks in the garden and they'd be good for walking the dog on cold mornings too, I suspect. The ones on the top of the above picture are in cashmere and can even be gently machine washed. 

You can buy them on line here and here (try not to be put off by the dreadful Wills and Kate lookalikes on the A Hume site) not websites we'd ever normally find ourselves browsing if we're honest, but maybe that makes them a bit more of a find? 


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