The Cambridge Satchel


As lovers of simple, understated, good quality bags we are always on the look out for something new to add to our collection.  We are both huge fans of satchels, which also happen to be very fashionable at the moment. Amanda found her perfect satchel in Mimi (which is sadly about to close, due to yet more greedy landlords in the East End) and it is looking better and better as it ages – which is exactly what you want from a bag.

Fluorescent colours are also very ‘on trend’ for summer, but as someone who lived through the first Acid House scene, I am hesitant to try wearing them again, as  ‘nan on acid’ isn’t such a good look. I am however tempted by these super bright satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company, available from Dover Street market. Worn with all black, I think I could just about get away with it!

The mother and daughter team behind The Cambridge Satchel Company set up business in 2008 and have gone from selling three of the traditional schoolbags in traditional brown, a week, to 1,500 in a variety of colours.

We are not usually big fans of ‘it’ bags, but think this one is right up our street. If  the fluorescents seem a step too far, there is a more subtle range of colours available from ASOS.

Prices range for £105 to £139.


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