Jacket lust: Denham The Jeanmaker’s leather Spy Lux jacket

The weather has been so rubbish this week that I have not been able to help thinking of autumn purchases. So I drifted onto the Denham the Jeanmaker site (as you do) and found the leather jacket that I will be saving up for come September. it’s from the Spy Lux 11 range that launches shortly (you can actually buy it now on line).

The jacket is inspired by, to quote the website “The twin influences of a woman’s 1950’s fencing doublet and a classic sport touring motorcycle jacket…….made in a washed leather with a little bit of a rock-and-roll outlook and a buttery touch”. Those of you who follow us on Twitter may remember that @cesca_Muston was quizzing us over her fashion taxonomy project about what you call a fencing jacket, well it’s a doublet, it seems and combined with a slim line version of the biker jacket ( I love the slender sleeves, it looks irresistible).

Yes it’s €599. But this surely counts as a classic and i am very impressed with everything I’ve seen form the Denham range in terms of quality. It also complies with our ‘Rules for Wearing Leather’ (see related post below). Since I now mostly work from home I need fewer smart outfits and I am getting better at constructing a smart, stylish casual wardrobe that multi tasks (although Patti Smith is still my style icon). I am putting this right at the top of my wish list (I need to sell a few more items on eBay before I can afford it), let’s face it with weather like we’ve been having, we need something to look forward to.

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