Today I’m wearing: Mrs B’s fabulous style

Ok, so we work in fashion and can be as pretentious as the next person if necessary, but if we’re honest we find the Vogue blog and Twitter hash tag ‘Today I’m Wearing’ a little annoying. It seems to be all about listing what designer labels you are wearing that day. #TodayImwearing Celine jacket, Chloe dress, Louboutin shoes and a Balenciaga bag – you get the picture. Yawn yawn yawn, as we all know lots of money and designer labels do not necessarily make one stylish and we think #todayImwearing is what my mum would call ‘showing off’.

We like to Tweet what we are wearing with our tongues firmly in our cheeks and use percentages (thanks to one of our favourite bloggers Belguin Waffle who likes to describe her mood this way). Our Twitter updates tend to go a little like this……..

Today’s outfit = 20% too tight T shirt for a woman my age, 20% slightly too big cut off jeans, 20% sweaty and 40% bright red face #nice #fashion

Today’s outfit = shrunken silk shirt (first wash) from Top high street brand #fastfashionfailure #buybetternexttime

Today’s look = 40% double denim, 10% cashmere, 25% long witchy old lady hair and 25% covered in dog hair as keep cuddling sad balless dog!

During July however we have to admit we have been rather enjoying the Today I’m Wearing blog, as it has featured the divine 82 year old Joan Burstein, the founder of Browns on South Molton Street. She looks fabulous in every single picture and we have been particularly enjoying the fantastic collection of kaftans she has been wearing on holiday in Ibiza. Of course it helps that she seems to own almost the entire Marni collection and has access to some of the world best brands, but you can’t deny she looks great and wears her age very well.

Today I’m wearing, Zara, Uniqlo and a very jealous, bitter and twisted face!

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  • Jude says:

    I always look forward to yours and Amanda’s #todayImwearing tweets. Yours after seeing Black Swan were hilarious! Pls keep them up, on a daily basis, both of you……

  • mary says:

    She look fantastic. Her figure still looks quite good too which probably helps. I wonder if she mostly wears blues and navy?

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