Shopping with experts: Churches women’s shop!

I love a brogue, always have done and always will. whether they are ‘on trend’ or not, I love the comfort, quality and reassuringly old fashioned workmanship that goes into creating this classic shoe. I particularly love Churches brogues and am delighted that they have recently opened a womens shop at 163 Bond St.

Of course they are in fact the shoe of A/W 2011/12, but that is not why I will be wearing them!!


  • I love the idea of a standalone women’s store but that shop is too small. When I went in there were three other customers and it felt overcrowded!

  • Jane says:

    Oh no that’s disappointing, I haven’t been yet!

  • Cassandra says:

    It was such a relief when I just gave away all shoes with more than a 1/2 inch heel. 5 pairs of Churches later, I’m happy. But yes, the store is too small – I left after 20 minutes. I buy from Netaporter or The Outnet if that helps.

  • TussahSilk says:

    I’m a little confused. I lurve the shoes in the picture for this post, but I don’t see them on the website. Are they from an earlier season, or are they not women’s shoes by Church at all? Where can I get those?

  • Jane says:

    Oh no Tussah haven’t been to the shop and have looked everywhere and cant find these shoes either and cant remember where I found this image. Ill do some investigating and see if I can find out more!

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