Goodbye Vanessa Gold

Regular WR readers will know by now I am a huge fan of trashy TV. There is nothing like an episode of TOWIE or Eastenders to totally take my mind off the events of the day, usually because I’m laughing or shouting at the TV!

Every now and then a tv character comes along who is pure television gold. Think Alexis Colby, Wilhemina Slater, Joan Holloway and Karen Walker. Larger than life, bold, brassy and more than a little bit scary, these are the kind of women we both admire and fear and sometimes wish we could be!

Script writers must have a great time creating these characters and wardrobe departments must love the opportunity to go completely over the top with their look, with their extreme, unique style, often unwittingly inspiring fashion trends.

Zoe Lucker (who starred in the fabulously trashy, Footballers Wives) has been a joy to watch over the last few months as kept woman Vanessa Gold in Eastenders. Leaving her controlling millionaire husband behind in Chigwell (obv), Vanessa moved in with philandering fool Max and set about controlling his life, while dressed head to toe in varying shades of cream. Never a hair out of place, with impeccable dress sense (if you are a fan of tailored separates and a shoe boot!) Vanessa is fabulous in a way only a soap star can be. She has had some draw dropping scenes in the last week, after finding out Max has been sleeping with his ex wife. Her hair and shoulder pads have been getting progressively bigger, the more traumatised and humiliated she becomes.

Vanessa is due to leave the square this week, but apparently ‘the door has been left open for her return’ and I certainly hope we see more of her in the future.

Her finest line last night –  “I’m not going  to end up with nothing, not while I can still pull off a Gucci dress.”


  • Jane G says:

    That comment was hilarious.

  • Kay says:

    Spoiler alert! We won’t even meet her in the US episodes of EE for at least 5 or 6 years. I don’t even know who this Max is! It’s maddening!

    Glad to know there is something exciting to look forward to. To date the best dressed characters have been Peggy Mitchell and David Wicks.

  • Sarah says:

    I adore Zoe Lucker! She was so sweet in Strictly Come Dancing last year & she was always so down to earth about Footballers Wives having saved her acting career.

  • Amanda says:

    And it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere either….still with us at the end of the omnibus edition I watched! Hurrah! Ax

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