We love: The Catorialist

Photos from the wonderful The Catorialist blog, photos Maxwell Krivitsky

In our frequent talk of dogs on TWR we could be accused of ignoring the feline world, which we don’t want to do as both Jane and I own beautiful cats (Jane’s two colour co -ordinate with her decking and the dog, mine has no tail but is the most beautiful cat in the street). Well today we can put that right by featuring the most witty cat/fashion blog we’ve ever seen, The Catorialist, an homage to the esteemed fashion blog The Sartorialist, but with cats.

The blog is written by US based cat fan Maxwell Krivitksy, who tells us ‘The catorialist is a catstyle blog documenting inspiring felines from around the world’ .Apart from featuring cute (and very stylish) photos of cats, the blog has a witty take on feline fashion tips and designer names (our favourite -the Purrberry Art of the Trench and Giorgio Armeowni) in the style of The Sartorialist’s titles and comments. Very sweet. Grab a cup of coffee and flip through the site, it’ll make you smile.

Photos from The Catorialist blog, photo Maxwell Krivitsky


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