Donna Hay: Fast, Fresh, Simple

Having spent the weekend eating delicious meals made by my sister in law, I have come to the conclusion I have to up my game on the cooking front. Having become lazy and uninterested, largely due to having a vegetarian daughter, a son who only likes meat and carbohydrates and a partner who doesn’t care what he eats (and doesn’t cook), the relentless moaning and fussiness, means I usually take the safe and easy option, rotating a menu of about six dishes I know everyone will eat. Well no more, as quite frankly I am bored and would just for once like to eat things I have chosen. The family need to tune, in or eat out!

My sis in law is a huge fan of Donna Hay and bought me a subscription to her magazine for Christmas. It’s full of really easy, delicious recipes, featuring beautifully shot images. Australian Donna Hay is a food writer, has her own shop and homeware range and has appeared many times as a judge on Australian Masterchef. She currently has a new series Fast Fresh, Simple, on The Good Food Chanel on Monday nights at 7pm. It features incredibly simple yet delicious recipes, which are all available on the Good Food Website.

I’m ashamed to admit, but I haven’t actually tried any of the recipes from the magazine. I sadly just wistfully read it in bed (does anyone else have this guilty secret?), but am now determined to work my way through it. There is also a Fast, Fresh, Simple book coming out on September 1st, which sounds like a must have, for any other lazy, but taste and style conscious cooks out there!

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