Keeping it simple!

Amanda and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon this week, with two of our favourite bloggers Disneyrollergirl and Thatsnotmyage. After we had discussed in depth why some PR’s and press offices still don’t understand blogs and their role in the future of media, (more of that to come) we got onto the subject of how sometimes it can be hard to blog when we have lots of other things going on. We all have freelance careers as well as blogs and our attention to detail and desire to maintain high standards, means we sometimes find it difficult to fit everything into our working day. We all put ourselves under pressure (possibly becuase we are all journalists in one form or another) to blog regulary and make sure we are interesting and relevant. Hopefully this is what makes our blogs professional and stand out against others? But we also decided that sometimes it’s ok to simply post a few words and a lovely image, as this can be just as effective as a longer post.

So todays post features an image which is inspiring my wardrobe for Autumn Winter. I have no idea where I got it from but it looks like Tommy Ton from So in a long winded way – what I meant to say is – I am loving the grey rib socks/tights contrasting with the leopard shoes and am on the hunt for some similar flatter (and probably cheaper) versions and will be wearing a lot of grey. That is all!


  • Lurrv the shoes, suddenly that high vamp looks so sexy. I think I’m over toe cleavage. GG

  • gillian taylor says:

    Adore the shoes but def know my time for pulling off wearing them with socks of any kind passed decades ago!! Just to let you know how much I , as a non blogger but avid reader, appreciate all the time, effort and detail that goes into maintaining a blog and finding new and inspirational things to say every day as well as putting bread on the table, shoes on the feet, vino in the glass etc etc! Well done to all bloggers – they brighten my day! x

  • Jane says:

    Feel the same way about the socks if I’m honest Gillian, but we can dream. And thanks for the encouraging comments.

  • Katy says:

    What I love about your blog is that it is relevant and is fresh every day, thank you for your efforts.

  • Amanda says:

    Having read your blog since the very beginning and enjoyed it, I’m constantly amazed that you manage to blog everyday and come up with some wonderful fresh tip bit for us all. It really is appreciated. As to the socks and shoes – love the shoes but as my ex BFF says, calves are way too sturdy.

  • Jane says:

    thanks for the lovely comments – would be no blog if there were no readers so all worth it

  • steffi says:

    This, in its simplicity, goes straight on my list of fave posts by TWR. I love it for its honesty and simplicity. And as for the shoes/socks thing, omfg I NEED THEM IN MY A/W 11 LIFE RIGHT NOW.
    Yours forever

  • Love the photo and really enjoyed the afternoon – next time can we go somewhere they serve decent coffee?! x

  • Jane says:

    Definately Alyson, even after two attempts it was still horrible!!

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