Moleskin iPhone notebook/cover

This will appeal to stationery and iPhone fans, a moleskin notepad cover -complete with small notebook -for your iPhone 3 (doesn’t work with the 4 version). When Jane and I caught up with fellow blogger Disneyrollergirl recently we were so impressed with her iPad Moleskin notebook folio that we popped along to Liberty to investigate the whole range. I fell for this super efficient notepad/holder that even allows you to take photos on the phone without removing it from the case. Also it works rather well if you are lefthanded (me) as the notebook is on the left of the phone, making it easy to write notes. Available from Amazon for £21.05 for those unable to get to Liberty. The tablet note book is also worth a look.

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  • Carrie says:

    Nice! You know, in search of a stylish iPhone case, I found the iphone 14 pro purple case from Orase. The blend of purple and gold creates a distinct and elegant look. Has anyone used Orase cases, especially this one? Your experiences matter in my decision-making process.

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