The last ever +J collection at Uniqlo: here’s what we bought

So, the +J collection by Jil Sander for Uniqlo was launched last week, we shopped it while fighting back the tears and resisting the urge to buy EVERYTHING, because it was the last collection ever. Here’s what we thought and bought.

The idea of NO MORE +J makes Jane and I feel a bit queasy, since this range of smart separates in high quality fabrics has filled a hole in our wardrobes for both work and play wear for the last year or so. It ticks all the boxes for us picky older women as it is beautifully made, understated design, modern but not fashiony, fits like a dream (mostly) and is made in black white and neutrals (plus the odd fab colour) all the better to slot into our existing wardrobes.

So what did I buy? Well, the quality on the basics I’ve bought from previous collections has been terrific, so I bought the merino stretch polo neck in both black and navy (although all the colours were good). The feel of the fabric in these jumpers is gorgeous; super smooth and non itchy, due to having a bit of polyamide in it, it almost feels like cotton and the sleeves are lovely and long. I also bought a thick rib polo which has a slit up the side and is the perfect chunky keep warm jumper for home, but I notice this has already sold out, it’ll come back so watch out for it. It too is lovely and soft with a nice, comfy neck.

I didn’t buy, but should have, the short down parka jacket, (above left)  which is made from a light wool shell and super-soft down. It too has sold out (which of course makes me want it even more!) but feel certain it will come back in a second delivery. It is a perfect car coat, but also could function as a keep warm but not too warm coat for those weird days we get where you don’t want to over-heat but a big coat will be too much. I think I might name it the menopausal-jacket……

Also in the same fabric is the full length down coat,  Ms Sander said (in the Guardian) that she was ‘rather fond of’ the down jackets she had designed for +J, and it really is the one to pick if you live anywhere cold-ish but want to remain stylish.

The crop trousers are still to be delivered, so we will comment on those when they arrive (we have high hopes).

by the way, should Uniqlo want to do another collaboration to keep us happy, can we suggest Margaret Howell? Thank you.

What did you buy?


  • Cathy says:

    I went into Uniqlo (Oxford Street) on Tuesday morning to see if they had any of the +J collection left after seeing the items I wanted had sold out online. I was surprised to find that they had all the jackets and coats in all sizes and colours . I had set my heart on the short down parka but it didn’t suit me. I toyed with buying the full length down coat but I am still undecided Perhaps a trip to Westfield at luchtime is on the cards.

  • Amanda says:

    Oh shame on the Parka Cathy, I also like the mid length down jacket with the bustle-like back to it, might that work better? Ax

  • Cathy says:

    At Westfield there was a very depleted stock of +J for women. The assistant said that they had only had a few selected pieces of the range delivered. But they are expecting a large delivery on 3rd October. So I think it’s back to Oxford Street for me in the next week or two to try that jacket on you suggest Amanda.

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