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We were tipped off about these gorgeously textural bags Carrieles de Columbia by one of our readers. The Carrieles bag is an historical design dating back over 400 years, In folkloric Colombian tradition, an authentic Carriel should contain no less than 50 objects along with a few lucky charms. To protect, the claw of a large animal; to entertain, a pair of dice and a deck of cards as well as a love letter from a sweetheart. For this reason the collection of bags contain a number of secret pockets. The Carriel Jericuana for example has no fewer than five individual compartments and one ‘secret’ pocket, so they should easily be able to cope with a collection of make up/money/gadgets/keys/other junk normally found rattling around the average female bag.

We asked Mauricio Rojas – founder of Carrieles de Colombia, about the bags.

So Mauricio, tell us about this bag idea…

“This collection of bags is fully hand-crafted by a small team of artisan bag makers in rural Colombia that have been making them for generations. In bringing them to the UK we are giving people here the chance to enjoy something unique and helping to keep a cottage industry alive. From the selection of cow hide through to the cutting and stitching, each item requires painstaking attention to detail and can take days to produce. With the growth in popularity of ethnic clothing and the interest in all things South American the time is ripe to show the world that Colombia has something more to offer than just coffee.”

(Ed or drugs, presumably… but moving on……)

What does Carrieles mean?

‘Carrieles’ is  the generic term for this style of handbag. Carrieles de Colombia’ – is the name of the brand. We felt that it was important to build awareness of both this style of bag and also the country in which they were made… hence the name!”

Us older gals are picky with our quality, how are the bags made?

“The bags are all hand-made by a small team of artisan bag makers in Colombia requiring painstaking attention to detail. What you buy when you invest in a carriel is a unique item that dates back hundreds of years and something that you won’t see every other woman on the high street wearing! Over time the style has evolved to become a modern fashion statement worn by the stylish men and women of Colombia’s most sophisticated cities; Medellin, Cali, Bogota and Cartagena.The bags are of course beautifully made from high grade cowhides and the prices reflect all of these things.”

Our favourites include, from top image Jericuana £225, Bolso Caqueta £180, bottom image – Manicartera Amazona £240 and Dona Becky £225

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