Christmas party planning: Wishwantwear

Are you frantically planning your Christmas party outfits? Nope, us neither, but for those who are thinking about it and anyone who has to do ‘seriously dressed up’, has limited funds and doesn’t want to buy a party dress they will only wear once, WishWantWear, a new hire company, might save you some heart ache and cash. We spoke to co founder Suruchi Bhargava,

TWR So, wishwantwear what’s it all about then?

SB Wish Want Wear is fashion website where women can hire current season designer dresses for a fraction of the price [of buying]. The dresses can be borrowed for 4 or 8 days at a time and we carry a range that would retail from £200 – £2000 from top designers that can be borrowed for as little as £27 – £250. Think of it as an extension to your wardrobe that gives you a never-ending supply of dresses brought to you straight from the designer.

TWR Is anyone having glam parties anymore? What with the imminent collapse of the financial world and all?

SB Glam parties are still happening (especially around Christmas). But Wish Want Wear dresses are not just for glam parties, they are about making you feel special whether going out to dinner, attending a wedding, an engagement party or a girls night out. The concept is to have something new to wear without spending a fortune.

TWR When you are older you tend to go up a size, what’s your top size option for glam dressing?

SB We have a selection of dresses from size 6 to 16, these have been curated by our buyer, keeping various kinds of women, body shapes and occasions in mind. Lots of our customers 35+ and we always carry a flattering selection for them – from covered shoulders to knee lengths to great cuts. Our stylists are on hand to assist customers and we take care to make sure that we have something for everyone.

There are detailed notes on sizing and fit of the dresses and customers are welcome to call and speak to one of our  stylists. In addition to this, once they have made a selection, as part of our service we always send a second size with the delivery for free to avoid any last minute ‘it doesn’t fit’ panics. If there is still a problem, you can return it and we will try and rush you a replacement straight away.

TWR What do you reckon might be a good pick for the party season this year?

SB The really wearable and exciting trends for this party season are jewel tones and lots of glamorous sequins – from oversized paillettes to a sprinkling of subtle shimmer. Also retro-inspired, lady-like looks – think cinched waists, fake fur and vintage-feel accessories.

Dresses above are from left, Halston Heritage (£82 to hire), Badgley Mischka (£82 to hire) and Halston, (£42 to hire).

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  • steffi says:

    I love the concept, it’s a no brainer (as in, why on Earth wouldn’t you use them?) and it all seems unbelievably simple (chosing, paying, sending, wearing) but I do wonder about the whole “wear-and-tear” issue. How will the dresses/fabrics cope with continued use and dry cleaning? I’m all for it and given the opportunity I would definitely give it a try (wonder if they deliver to Switzerland?), but I am also very interested in how the business will “settle” and evolve.

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