Christmas gifts for middleagedad

Middleagedad is a tricky one to buy for at Christmas and special birthdays, but we may have stumbled across a new form of Dad Art with these great vinyl pieces by Keith Haynes from Art Partnership. We asked Keith to explain a bit more about them.

So, this vinyl cut out art, what’s that all about then?

I’ve always been an inveterate buyer of second hand vinyl though mostly for the covers as the records are often unplayable. I often wondered whether there was some way to put this vinyl mountain to use and after a lot of experimenting, my partner Kim and I hit on a way of cutting the vinyl to make images of iconic music artists. I’ve always loved music and art so it seems a perfect way of combining them as well as providing me with a legitimate excuse to spend time at record fairs and charity shops – I’m all for up-cycling.

Can we send middleagedad’s old vinyl collection to you to transform into art?

Ha ha – only a woman would ask that question. No I haven’t considered that, mainly because I can’t see any guy giving over his precious record collection for me to cut up.

Do you do bespoke projects?

Yes. I’ve done quite a few commissions. I’ve recently completed portraits of Bruce Springsteen, Phil Lynott and Hunky Dory era Bowie for clients. The commissioned portraits are costed depending on the rarity value of the chosen vinyl. The ‘Fuck Art Let’s Dance’  piece is unique, with letters cut from 7” vinyl singles all with Dance in the song title.

I also undertake commissions for the single Love Vinyl Hearts ( one heart disc per frame) so if there is a particular 7” single song title, name or artist I will source it and make a one-off, framed piece. I recently did Eloise by The Damned for my daughter (it’s what I named her after) when she reached 16,

The Vinyl Love 5 (five discs on a frame, see pic) are made from singles with LOVE in the song title, but can also be bespoke. We would need to be given five 7” single song titles which would be sourced and framed into a one-off piece. I need about four weeks to turn these around.

All the prices are on the website, for any bespoke piece we’d cost it according to the rarity of the vinyl.

Is there time to do something before Christmas?

Yes we’re still in time for Christmas, for the Vinyl Portraits, the Fuck Art piece and especially the Vinyl Hearts. Our cut-off date for commissions would be 1st December to guarantee delivery. All work can be ordered (and queries answered) using the Contact Us email on our website. I Think the hearts will be especially good for Valentines Day too.

A selection of Keith’s vinyl portraits will be on show at the Different Gallery, as part of the HELP charity art exhibition, from  8th-19th November .


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