TWR inspiration shots: Hammersmith Vintage Fair

Hammersmith Vintage Fair, which happens approximately once a month, is not just great for vintage clothes, it’s also a place to watch women dress creatively in both vintage and contemporary dress.  If you get there early, as I normally do, you’ll find half the stalls are abandoned as their owners are off rummaging for ‘finds’  on other people’s stals. I swear any money vintage sellers make is spent on more vintage clothing for themselves. This week I took a few covert snaps of some of the best.

Trousers (above) were looking interesting this time, ranging from the baggy menswear look (left) to perhaps the most stylish way EVER with jersey sweatpants (middle) when worn with a beautiful tailored jacket. The workwear denims (right) were also a look I haven’t seen for a while, it was super chic with that leather belt too.

Below, florals were also out in force, with a strong leaning towards oriental flowers and shapes.

The woman below left is a stall holder, one of my favourites, who always inspires me with her accessories. Usually she is wearing strands of either white ivory looking beads or shades of amber, as she is here. She has been buying beads for years, she told me, hence her enviable collection. I also love the dip-dyed handkerchief hemline on the skirt right, worn with gorgeous shoes.

My favourite texture/colour combo is definitely the centre picture below, where stripes and florals combine beautifully, love the shoe choice too. I also thought the maxi tartan skirt in scarlet mixed with the candy coloured bag was inspired.

Dresses were varied, the indigo dress/coat outfit was a lovely mix of textures and the jersey dress right, was worn with beautiful vintage brown leather lace ups. The lady in the middle is a stall holder wearing a dress over s dress, which looked lovely although she was actually just trying it on to buy. Experimental styling!

Hammersmith Vintage Fair is on every five to six weeks, next one is now 15th January 2012, although there’s a Kensington Town Hall one on 4th December 2011. Check details on dates here


  • gillian taylor says:

    So super stylish!! I often think wistfully of clothes I gaily chucked out and would look amazing now just worn with a different twist – I definitely owned a maxi kilt but am not sure I looked as super stylish as the lady in your photo!

  • Jude says:

    Love seeing these photos Amanda. I’m not a print person by nature, but do like the look of those oriental ones.

  • Helen says:

    I do love these pictures (a la the Frieze ones too). So fascinating – and inspiring – to see how real women construct their ‘looks’. Thank you!! I haven’t commented on the blog before, but am I huge fan. I usually read you with a cup of tea and the Today programme on the radio – but you are always more interesting than yesterday in parliament.

  • Amanda says:

    Welcome Helen! we are thrilled you are a fan and that we rate above Yesterday In Parliament! Result! Glad you like the photos all,, Ax

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