The perfect red lipstick: Lipstick Queen

As a serial red lipstick wearer, I am always on the look out for the perfect shade of red. It’s almost impossible to find the right colour and the right exture and it’s very rare to find one that is suitably matt. But on a recent girls weekend to Edinburgh when I actually had time to browse in shops, I think I may have found my perfect red.

Lipstick Queen was created by Poppy King, who was so obsessed with lipstick, she designed her own brand at the tender age of 18. Frustrated that she couldn’t find rich, opaque, pigment filled, 1940’s style lipsticks, she found a manufacturer, a business partner and the nerve to approach a few stores, and the seven matt lipsticks she created, became a cult all over Australia.

After a spell working at Prescriptives and publishing a book Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, she re-launched Lipstick Queen to an international market and the brand is available in the UK, from Space NK stores and online.

The 10 handpicked lipstick shades come in two formulas,  Saints and Sinners and contain no shimmer or frosting. This is why I love them, they are pure, rich, matt and creamy and come in gorgeous pink, red, berry and nude tones. The Saints are more subtle shades but are still wonderfuly matt and the Sinners are deep true tones, with my favourite being red sinner.


  • I discovered Lipstick Queen not long ago, the dense colour is fabulous. Although the colour range is small it does seem to have enough choice. I’m with you though Jane, that red is what introduced me to the range. GG

  • Becky says:

    That looks fabulous – I love a nice red lipstick – I have been using a Nars Velvet Matt Lip Pencil for years now – it is beautiful – goes on wonderfully, has a beautiful matt deep colour and the biggest thing for me is that it does not come off all night long – it doesn’t stain your lips or anything but it just doesn’t seem to slide off like a lot of shiny lipsticks – anyway – you can see it here

  • Gwyneth says:

    Lipstick Queen is one of may absolute favourites – the Rouge Sinner is a perfect “My Lips But Better” colour. But for (increasingly regular) serious red, I have to go for MAC Red…

  • Jane says:

    Love Mac red too Gwyneth and going to check out Nars pencil too

  • Jude says:

    I bought Berry Sinner last week – love the texture and lack of shimmeriness! I can’t wear the true bright reds like you can, but for a brownish-tinged red this is perfect.

  • coni says:

    Poppy King has grown up. She was a very adventurous young woman, had a big fall, picked herself up and voila! What a great success story.

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