The perfect Christmas present for Middleagedmum

If you are struggling for a last minute present for any of your female relatives, can I suggest this little gem. It may be small, but it has maximum impact and I can guarantee it will become a vital accessory to family life. I bought myself one last week and have found it useful for……..

  • Calling family members to dinner.
  • Waking up the teens in the morning – it was particularly effective when one of them had been out late, thrown up everywhere and was feeling more than a little bit delicate – revenge is sweet when you are in control of a megaphone at 8am!
  • Getting MAD’s attention when he’s watching TV and you want to discuss what still needs to be done for Christmas.
  • Talking to aging parents when they have the TV volume  turned up to “old peoples home” level.
  • And calling the dog in the park – I actually haven’t tried this one yet (for fear of scaring people) but feel it could be very effective for those squirrel/chicken bone/duck moments!

You can even pre record messages and play them over and over again – chirpy little messages like ‘ pick up your towels, put your cups in the dish washer, tidy your bedroom’, etc etc can be played at the highest volume for maximum effect – what’s not to love?

Needless to say, everyone else hates it and I fear it will soon “get lost” along with my diamante encrusted microphone.

Appropriately, the one I bought is called, ‘Make Yourself Heard’ and you can buy it here.


  • Lilac says:

    Love it, but fear it wouldn’t be around long if I got my hands on one.

  • Jude says:

    Well, I’ve seen it all now! Loving the idea of having one to hand with the aging oldies. I’ve got 5 days to look forward to Dad insisting I’m ‘whispering’ every time I speak.

  • Oooh I could dominate the conversation at the table and not struggle to talk to the mother in law!! Self centred, moi? GG

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