The Joy of Books

While traditionalists lament the demise of the book, creatives are coming up with new ways to display, sell and re-invent them.

Bookshelf Porn is a lovely Tumblr site, dedicated to showcasing the best images of bookshelves and is a great place to find inspiration if you are planning some new bookshelves.

This floating book shop is situated on the Regents canal at the bottom of Broadway Market (very near the wonderful Dog and the Wardrobe) and is a lovely way to retail new and second hand books. You can sit up on deck and browse on a sunny day and there is a tea and cake barge right next door – which is so much nicer than Waterstones and Starbucks!

Finally, if you are a neat freak and love organising your bookshelves, you will either love this video, or it will completely freak you out!

Toronto based art director, Sean Ohlenkamp teamed up with his local book shop Type to create this captivating film, The Joy of Books. When asked why he made it, he said he wanted to do something “that’s both creative for my own sake and for a cause that I stand behind: reading and literary.” He also claimed he wanted to help out “a small bricks-and-mortar business and the book industry as a whole.” Which he certainly seems to have done. Since the video went viral on Monday it has had over a 1.5 million hits!


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