Advanced Style on Bobbies Style Buzz

The up and coming documentary featuring the fabulous ladies from the Advanced Style blog, is causing quite a stir in the US, with the Today programme devoting a morning slot to style tips for the over 75’s.

The Advanced Style film comes out in the summer and we can’t wait.

If Lorraine Kelly is reading, how about a slot devoted to British advanced style, on your programme? We’d be happy to find you some fabulously stylish older ladies!


  • sarah says:

    Fab old broads! But, it is a fine line between style and fancy dress.
    But, better fancy dress than dull,

  • Anna says:

    I love these ladies – such confidence and style. They all had great hair cuts too, working the short hair and looking fab.

  • Jude says:

    Fabulous women! But I can’t help thinking ‘only in America’ – not so sure older British women would embrace this larger-than-life colourful style of dressing, let alone wear a silk cabbage on their heads. Saying that, I’d love to think I could one day….

  • Jane says:

    I love theiir hair too. Think it’s all about the detail as they have thought every last thing through. I occasionally see women in London dressed as eccentricly, but you may be right Jude, American women have more confidence as they get older somehow!

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