Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair – keeping warm with style

At Anita’s Vintage Fair in Notting Hill on Sunday, there was a distinctly chilly nip in the air and many of the vintage ladies were sporting layers to keep out the cold. Thick woollies and scarves were on show, with the novelty Christmas Sweater being replaced by the chic spring alternative. Above left is June Nevin, stall holder and costume designer in a fabulous 80s knit, beautifully accessorised with a vintage scarf featuring cars….clearly a theme. On the right is a lesson in how to wear a beanie and sweater dress combo. I always look like a ball of wool in a jumper dress, but clearly you ned to keep the volume neat around the body and keep the length just above or on the knee.  I am full of admiration for the beanie style, I just can NOT pull it off.

Fur- real and fake, was out in force. It was novel as a layer of additional warmth in the form of a bolero-over-leather-jacket look, left. The lady on the right was rocking a full on, old-style glamour vibe and had picked three shades of green to mix with her jacket (‘Russian sable darhlink, have a stroke’, she said as I took her picture) including her sweater, the beads and her printed silk scarf. And look at that lizard skin, green hued handbag, it’s a print/ texture masterclass. I left her contemplating a mock leopard trench…

Scarves were used to add a bolt of print, colour and joviality to outfits. While we are at it,  can we please impose a rule for Jan/Feb that no one wears grey or black without a shot of neon bright colour somewhere about their person?(as the lady on the far right has done so effectively, I love her jeans too)  It’s hard enough living through these months without having to see everyone wearing dull, tupperware inspired colours. 

Now these ladies were MUCH jollier, from The Vintage Sweet Shop, their colourful spriggy aprons were thrillingly decorative and coordinated perfectly with their array of pastel sweet jars and boxes. The web based Vintage Sweet Shop sells beautiful boxed sets of old fashioned sweets that come packaged in Victorian style glass jars, with a little scoop and candy striped paper bags, so you can pretend you have your own sweet shop at home. They are lovely gifts, perfect for teen birthdays.

Anita’s Vintage at Notting Hill is a great source of top notch vintage and being just off Portobello Road, makes a perfect Sunday shopping jaunt with girlfriends or teens as you can move onto the Sunday market or wizz along Westbourne Grove for the fancy shops. Or you could just pick up a slice of amazing home made cake, a cup of tea and the papers and sit in the little cafe area all afternoon, soaking up the vintage vibe.

Check out Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair dates here, some dates are in Battersea, so make sure you know where you are going.

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