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Sometimes we women are a bit witchy (well make that a lot, in my circle of friends) and all seem to be thinking the same thing at the same time! This week, it seemed to be all about make up (and other more important things too obv!) what with me buying Nan Blur, Amanda’s son getting to grips with male grooming, Womens Hour devoting a slot to the next big things in the beauty industry (nanotechnology and glycobiology apparently) and the fuss over the ‘misleadingly exaggerated’ Rachel Weisz for L’Oreal advert.

When an email popped into our inbox, informing us that the next celebrity to bring out a range for Mac, was none other than the wonderful Miss Piggy, our Twitter feed filled up with love and admiration for the divine Miss P and we decided that she was the perfect role model for our generation.

No one is quite sure how old she is and when asked this question in the late 90s, Jim Henson said, “We were going to forward this question to Miss Piggy, but decided that we’d like to continue eating solid foods.” 

All we know is, she first appeared on the Muppets in 1974, and she was most definitely no piglet then, so I think we can safely assume she is one of us!

Hanging out with Marc Jacobs (she was his muse for a while) and in her new role

Miss Piggy’s unique sense of style has inspired many (including Marc Jacobs) and her starring role in the new Muppets movie (out on Feb 10th), as the plus size editor of Vogue Paris, will no doubt see her showcase some truly fabulous divatastic outfits.

Her range for Mac includes a perfectly pink eye shadow, naturally dramatic false eye lashes and a liquid pen-style liner that ‘provides the ultimate precise, bold line.’ There is no foundation, which we decided she doesnt actually need, as she has a perfect complexion for a woman her age. We love you Miss P! 

Here are a few of her best quotes…………………..

Never eat more than you can lift.

Read some famous The Muppets Miss Piggy Quotes.

Too much exercise can damage your health.

There is only one gift you should accept on your first date – diamonds.

I am waiting for a really strong and meaningful female pig role

Never wash your hair with anything you’d hesitate to eat or drink.

Never let your frog outdress you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it may become necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.

Your hair is your most important accessory. In a pinch, you could do without your shoes, your purse, your eyeshadow – but without your hair, in that important first impression you’d score a Bad Beauty Impact.


  • mary says:

    you forgot my favourite “if God wanted us to bend over he would have put diamonds on the floor”. I always remember this one during Sun Salutes!

  • Love Miss Piggy – and the never eat more than you can lift quote – can’t wait for the movie.

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