Vintage Fashion Guild, a gem of a site for vintage knowledge

We are indebted to TWR reader Dinah Hall, who told us about this absolute gem of a website for anyone interested in Vintage clothing or fashion history. The Vintage Fashion Forum is a site dedicated to helping both buyers and sellers of vintage identify the provenance of their items, with a team of experts on hand to answer forum questions on pretty much any fashion era. If you have a query about anything vintage, its the place to go with your question.

Dinah bought a pair of gorgeous gold shoes at Kempton Park antique fair recently, where she was told the shoes ‘might’ be 30s. After mailing in a picture of the shoes, experts explained how details such as the heel shape, the buckle detail and the graphics printed on the tongue confirmed the shoes were genuine 30s. The website is free (although if you are a trader there’s another membership you can apply for that does cost), the VFG state ‘The VFG subscribes to the position that informed selling and buying communities are good for the vintage-fashion industry as a whole. All visitors to the website have access to the VFG resources, which are continually updated and constantly evolving, thanks to a dedicated volunteer staff.”

Since we’ve been buying rather a lot of vintage recently, it’s a useful resource to have to hand. There’s a whole load of information on the site on fashion history too, so good for fashion students, if you have one in the house. 



  • Jude says:

    What a great site….I’ve just spent the last hour on it, really interesting and informative. Have posted a question asking for help identifying a piece of old costume jewellery. Thanks for tip!

  • Jude says:

    Me again. It’s now only 4 hours later and, thanks to the VFG site, I now know the provenance of my bracelet!! VERY impressed, thanks Amanda.

  • Li Yin says:

    I love this site and am very much a fan of vintage fashion. Would people mind filling in a survey for me? It will only take up 10 minutes (max) of your time! It’s about vintage fashion and would help to contribute to important fashion research. Thanks everyone!

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