MASSIVE girl crush: Madonna

If like me, you lament the lack of positive female role models for our daughters generation, and for some reason you haven’t seen footage of Madonna’s performance at Sunday’s Superbowl (don’t you read the side column of shame!?). Then make a cup of tea, grab your daughter/neice/younger sister/cousin/random teenager on the street, and make them watch this.

She is super fit, successful (and unapologetic about it), confident and ambitious and you can guarantee if she were a man, she would be admired rather than constantly criticised! Say what you like about her pillow face, diva like manner, or need to be adored, this woman can wear a headdress, sing, dance in high boots in front of 110 million people and she’s 53! 

In the words of one of our favourite tweets Caitlin Moran………………..


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