Vintage prints from Samantha Sung and Toast

A while ago I met the very lovely Mary Norden at a dinner party. Mary is the home and food editor of Red magazine and is effortlessly stylish. She was wearing a retro style print dress, which looked both vintage and contemporary at the same time. I complimented her on it and immediatley forget the name of the designer.   

As I was wandering down Marylebone Lane last week, past one of my favourite shops, Kj’s Laundry, I spotted a similar dress hanging in the window. It turns out it’s by Samantha Sung and The Laundry have a whole collection of great vintage style prints in the 50’s inspired Audrey style. Unfortunately they are hideously expensive at £395, but given that the prints and styling are timeless, they are beautifully made and the cotton sateen fabric is really good quality, they could be seen as a long term investment. I have a red and whilte spotty skirt that I bought from Rachel Riley some years ago (it was ridiculously expensive) but every summer I get it out and love it all over again.

My only criticisim of the SS dresses is, that the waisted styling isn’t great for us larger round the middle ladies. I described in great detail to the the very patient shop assistant, exactly what style I would like SS to do, ( a COS square neck, body skimming staight style FYI) so fingers crossed she passses my feeback on!!

If £395 is just too much (after all you could buy a small armchair for that!) I am also loving this more reasonably priced vintage inspired print by Toast which is £115.


  • Jude says:

    I’m totally with you on this. I go past KJ’s Laundry fairly regularly during my working week and am always attracted by these print dresses when they’re in the window – like you say they have a real vintage feel about them. But the price is exorbitant!

  • ruth says:

    I’m the same, walk past – love the dresses though.

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