We Love: Uniqlo and Laura Ashley

It’s not the same as the Jil Sander collaboration by a long shot, but Laura Ashley at Uniqlo is extremely pretty and is a nice floral at an affordable price. We’re having a bit of a floral moment here at TWR, what with the gorgeous flowers at Raf Simons (for Jil Sander) on yesterday’s post, the floral Ted Baker swimmies at the weekend, there are some lovely ones about. 

Laura Ashley is the reason I appreciate a good floral print. Back in the days when I worked there we used to have hundreds of really lovely florals, stripes and geometrics to use every season, it was before the days of minimalism and it was not unusual to run the best selling dress (the MD 693PC, since you asked) in about 10 different prints each season, which was a nightmare for the shops as we often only had enough of one print to send out just one dress in it to each store. But it did mean that the company supported lots of budding print designers and the shops always looked like a garden in full summer bloom. I’ve had a soft spot for a floral ever since.

The Uniqlo ones are limited editions, whatever that means and I notice some of the colourways have already run out of sizes on the website. I think they are worth investing in, we know Uniqlo does good quality Ts, and these ones are so pretty it’s quite difficult to chose just one, they start at £14.90. You could think about doing ‘double florals‘ and wear a simple rosebud sprig one under another floral shirt, or go big and bold with those lovely blue hydrangea looking ones below and another white based blue floral on top…..Jane has already given us inspiration on blue, so be brave!. Buy them on the Uniqlo website here



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