We love all things Danish, including Bruuns Bazaar

Is anyone else missing  The Killing and Borgen from their weekends? We loved Call The Midwife and Homeland is shaping up nicely, but there’s a big hole in our Saturday nights now we don’t have a Danish drama to follow and no one to repeat ‘Tak!’ at like we’re fluent at the language (or was that just middleagedad and I?)  

Well all is not lost, there’s always Danish fashion to fall back on, as they are pretty good at this too.  I was introduced to the Danish brand Bruuns Bazaar by my local independent store Nom de Pume and I’ve loved the pieces I’ve bought. This season things have got even more exciting as Rebekka Bay, the designer who launched COS and steered it to success (total adoration in our case) has now moved to be creative director for the range. 

This season is the first time Rebekka’s influence will be felt and you can see her handwriting in the fabulous finishing, fabrics and tiny details in the clothes. I am in love with a chambray shirt with a jersey back from the BZR line (the slightly cheaper, less formal line) and Nom de Plume’s Pippa is mightily impressed with the tailored finishing (bound seams and structured waistbands) on her favourite mustard trousers. She sells lots of the brand and says customers always come back for more.

There’s a lovely trench and a cocoon style mac with beautifully finished seams (is it mad to like the inside as much, if not more than the outside?). The other good thing about this designer range is that it’s not stupidly expensive, specially considering the quality of fabric and make. The shirts are between £69 -£89, the trench and jackets being the most expensive at £119, not cheap, but excellent return on investment when you look at how the shapes will slot into your everyday wardrobe.

Then there’s the Danish connection, there’s just something deeply cool about the Dane’s sense of style, from how to wear a sweater in The Killing to how to work with lighting in Borgen (there were lovely lights everywhere, did you notice?) It could be time to plan a trip to Copenhagen. 

Bruuns Bazaar website here.



  • Ulla says:

    Dear Amanda and Jane

    So glad to hear you like Danish stuff. And thank you for giving so much in return. I use your tips whenever I go to London: visited both Dennis Severs House in Spitalfields and One Temple Place by the Thames in January. and had dinner at Bocca di Lupo.

    Tak :-)

    Ulla, daily reader from Denmark

  • Ulla says:

    And no, it is not mad to notice and like the inside of clothes. Check out another Danish brand for really nice, ‘hidden’ details: Noa Noa – I believe they have a couple of London stores, including one in Islington.


  • Amanda says:

    Hello Ulla and Tak for that! How fab to have a real Dane to say that too….Off to check out Noa Noa now! Delighted to hear we have been of help too, thanks for reading A&J x

  • Rosie says:

    Thanks for drawing this brand to my attention. Just the sort of easy relaxed style I love – and that the Scandinavians seem to be so good at. And they have an outlet store online – very welcome in these difficult times.
    Really enjoy the blog – one of my daily must-reads!

  • Tracy C says:

    Ladies – there actually is a new Danish crime drama on TV at the moment. It’s called ‘Those Who Kill’ and is on ITV3 (I know!) on Thursday evening, repeated late on Saturday evening. It features a female detective and the actor who played Troels Haartman in The Killing. Two hours per episode. Apparently a third of the Danish population tuned in to watch when this aired last year….. So just record on Thursdays and watch in that Saturday evening slot to restore your viewing equilibrium.

  • Amanda says:

    OMG and we didn’t know! Thanks Tracy, sounds essential viewing and will fill the hole nicely. How many episodes have we missed? Rosie thanks for the nice words, glad you are enjoying your daily read! A

  • Tracy C says:

    Amanda, been away for a few days but if you come back to this thread – this week (ie yesterday evening (6th) and this Saturday repeat) would be the third episode..Sadly only episode 2 still available on ITV player. Haven’t actually watched my recordings yet so don’t know how fab it is or isn’t!

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