Final Scandi post this week -I promise: ‘Broen’ (The Bridge) and ‘Those Who Kill’

Because we have such FANTASTIC readers in you all here at TWR, we learn a lot . On Monday I posted that we were missing our weekly intake of Danish murder /mysteries (Borgen, The Killing), quick as a flash, we heard from two readers who let us know that all was not lost, more is on the way.

First Tracy C left the following comment on the blog

Ladies – there actually is a new Danish crime drama on TV at the moment. It’s called ‘Those Who Kill’ and is on ITV3 (I know!) on Thursday evening, repeated late on Saturday evening. It features a female detective and the actor who played Troels Haartman in The Killing. Two hours per episode. Apparently a third of the Danish population tuned in to watch when this aired last year….. So just record on Thursdays and watch in that Saturday evening slot to restore your viewing equilibrium.’

Then, the lovely Jeanne Richardson wrote to us from Lillehammer in Norway to say…

For the last ten Monday evenings here in Norway I have been on the edge of my seat (literally) watching ‘Broen’ – which translates as The Bridge. The latest Danish/Swedish thriller to hit our screens here and I feel certain it won’t belong before it fills the gap that The Killer and Borgen filled in the U.K. If you think that Sarah Lund was a fascinating character then you have a real treat in store with Saga Noren played by Swedish Sofia Helin. My husband might describe me as a wet rag at the end of each episode – just sooooo exciting. Here is a review I read in English ‘One of the most exciting crime dramas of the decade’ – I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to tell you a thing about it – just get on to the BBC a.s.a.p. – trust me.’ 

It also has a beautiful haunting sound track to love too.

So there we go, I have found a little snippet of Broen on Youtube to show you, and am going to be catching up with Those Who Kill over the weekend. Thanks to Tracy and Jeanne for keeping us informed, you heard it here first.



  • Anna says:

    Thank you for this , we will tune in. We have replaced Borgen so far with the Italian ‘Inspector Montalbano’ on a Saturday night – not in the same league at all!!

    Why stop with the Scandi posts? Loving the Nordic influences. x

  • Amanda says:

    Oh good Anna, glad you like the Skandi influences, we have just been invited to a new Swedish brand launching in the UK and Hasbeen’s pop up in Selfridges next week, so just as well you approve! Agree totally on Inspector Montalbano, dullsville A

  • Toni says:

    I love all the Scandinavian dramas and the make me ridiculously to be Danish.

  • Toni says:

    Oh man! What I meant to say in my previous comment was: the Scandinavian dramas make me ridiculously proud to be Danish!

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