Happy Easter and things to do with excess chocolate

Happy Easter all from us at TWR. Just incase you end up with an excess of chocolate today, we have a recipe that might be of use. Mint leaves dipped in white chocolate, suggested to me by middleteenson’s lovely girlfriend, who had them recently at a posh ‘do’.

After all the lovely weather we’ve been having, my mint is growing enthusiastically so I thought I’d give it a go. They are DELICIOUS and couldn’t be easier.


  1. Melt white chocolate (looks pretty against the fresh green leaves but could be any form of chocolate, specially if you are hovering up chocolate scraps after Easter) until it is soft.
  2. Wash mint leaves and dry, remove nice big leaves from the stems and lay them out for dipping. My ordinary garden mint worked better than the fancier black peppermint because it’s got nice fat leaves. Purists might like to trim the stalks for a neater look.
  3. Dip the leaves in the chocolate and leave to set in the fridge. A more beautiful ‘look’ can be achieved by painting the chocolate on with a soft paintbrush, if you are trying to impress.
  4. Eat with coffee after Easter lunch/supper.

They are so good I think I might try dipping other herbs, such as basil, sage and even dill when they appear in the garden later in the year, but for the moment, the mint works brilliantly. Happy Easter all!

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