I Got Life!: A Film With Menopausal Women At Its Heart

Womenfolk, this will cheer up your Friday no end, it’s a stylish and funny French film about menopausal women. I know, hallelujah!

I was tipped off about this by one of our lovely readers (thanks Tracy!) and although I’ve only seen the trailer, I’m already in love with it: hot flushes, old flames, ageist abuse, fabulous older women and a lot of female solidarity. Go See It! Happy weekend all.


  • jennyk says:

    Thank you for this! It’s showing at Nottingham’s wonderful independent cinema the Broadway and I hope to go to see it next week.

  • How refreshing. I’m also looking forward to seeing Year by the Sea, the film adaptation of Joan Anderson’s book, which I very much enjoyed.

  • Hayley says:

    Thank you Amanda, I saw this last night and it’s just marvellous!

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