Martha Moments: lemon skin fire lighters

We are indebted to TWR reader Lindsay Howell, who provided both this fabulously creative way to recycle lemon rinds as well as introducing us to Solva Woollen Mill. Martha Moments, you will remember, are an homage to Martha Stewart, whose creative alter (and informative website) we worship at.

If you use a lot of fresh lemons and limes and have an open fire, this post is for you. Dried lemon and lime rinds make EXCELLENT fire lighters (so much prettier and nicer smelling than Zip) that ignite with an alarmingly efficient flame (all that citrus oil apparently). When you have finished juicing your lemons, dry them out completely (bottom of a cooling oven/sunny windowsill/near the boiler/on the aga) so they are hard shells. Place inbetween newspaper and kindling when building your fire and light with match. Stand well back and wait for the whooosh of flame.

Lindsay stores hers in a pretty dish next to the fire where it looks a bit like pot pouri. Neat huh?

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