Jungle’s Grown-up Dancing Dudes

Who said young people had all the moves? This is Shepherds Bush based, modern soul band Jungle’s newest video, with two grown up blokes dancing like demons. Dad dancing this is not. proving what we already knew- that grown-ups can dance.

it was pointed out to us by our roving reporter Julia Little, who is a soul fan herself. We know very little about the band who it appears, like to keep things vague, but their debut album is out now.

If anyone has seen the terrific  Pride, then you might agree with us that Dominic West’s turn as a (mature) disco diva (and his “God, I miss disco” shout) is the highlight of the film,  . The sound track for Pride is here, if you are interested, Dominic dances to this.


When are we going to get our own grown-up dancing clubs please?


  • Mary says:

    Do you not have a No Lights No Lycra movement over there? We have a few in Australia. Just solo dancing for an hour with very dim lights amongst a group of like minded peeps. Very relaxed atmosphere with some great music.

  • esmeralda says:

    Surely going to be Dirty Dancing equivalent for choreographing gay weddings?

  • amanda says:

    Mary! Don’t think so, anyone know of No Lights No Lycra in the UK or Europe? And Esmeralda, good point! Ax

  • Julia says:

    A little research shows No Lights No Lycra in London…. and it’s in Hackney…. of course it is!

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