Atmospheric photos: so much nicer than ‘Get The Look’

Do you ever sometimes see a photo or image in a magazine and think, ‘that’s a PERFECT look’ ? It doesn’t happen very often but it happened to me when I opened the Toast catalogue for summer this week. This image of a mash up of dots and stripes, all in navy, in a slouchy easy fitting way made me desperately want to recreate the look myself.

One of the reasons I fell for it was, I think, the atmosphere created around the catalogue and the photo shoots. I know we’ve mentioned this before, but  Toast do this really well and I find I’m getting increasingly tired of the highly commercial Get The Look shots detailing exactly where the clothes are from.

Sometimes it’s nice to just imagine how you could create something similar rather than assume you must go and buy it. Putting a great look together needs inspiration and a bit of creative dreaming.

What do you prefer, ‘get the look’ informative or ‘inspiringly aspirational’ images?


  • Sara Mathews says:

    Both – I want both! I want gorgeous, atmospheric visual inspiration AND then I want a bit that tells me how I can buy it all at Dorothy Perkins in the sale…

    Or even M&S

  • Amanda says:

    Sara I can see the attraction of both,altho……. those M&S trousers may be lovely but I’d never buy them from that shot! Well, ok maybe I would, but with all this ‘category’ division of product on line and get the look forensics I miss the vague fluffy dreaminess of those magazine shoots of old that inspired you to rethink your style. A

  • Jane says:

    those M &S trousers are probably really nice and much cheaper than the Toast ones. But WHO styles the M & S shoots!!!
    Read our post on How to wear printed trousers – never wear wide legs with high shoes!!! Are you listening M & S

    J X

  • Rosie says:

    I totally agree in preferring atmospheric to hard sell type photos – in fact, I have a few old Toast catalogues I turn to regularly for inspiration. And I do buy from them too, though always in the sales.
    I spotted (ha!) the M&S trousers as I dashed through the other day and thought they might be worth checking out further, but my impression was that they were much more ‘flowy’ than the way they’re shown on the site.

  • mary says:

    Im being cheeky here but speaking of atmosphere, can you ladies or your readers recommend a hotel in London for a couple of honeymooners?

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