Camper wedges

If like me, you find slightly dressed up summer footwear a bit of a comfort over style issue, then these bad girls may be the answer to all your problems –  I can’t promise they will make your partner start cooking or your children start revising, but small pleasures ladies, small pleasures.

You know the deal, you’re going our for dinner, it’s not formal, but it’s also not a casual Birkenstock wearing, dinner in a gastro pub type affair. You also want to be comfortable as you’re getting the bus there and don’t want to be hobbling by the time you arrive. You need something that says, dressed up but without corns!

Camper had a bit of a moment in the 90’s when they were the coolest Spanish brand to buy – why once MAD and I even made a special trip the factory shop in Majorca, while we were on holiday – dragging two reluctant small children along with us! Over time they became a little bit ‘wacky Italian geography teacher’ and went off our radar completely. But over the last couple of season, they have slowly been introducing some more simple, less “designed” styles and are worth a look.

I bought these wedges at the end of last summer and I love them. On the right side of dressed up, not too high and very very comfortable, they are going to see me through this summer too, that is, if it ever stops raining!!

They start from £99 and you can order online.

They also come in hessian or basic black.


  • Sarah says:

    Ooh, there’s some nice sandals on the online site, including some cute looking flatties (I soo can’t do heels these days). I must go and have a look in the shop.

  • Jane says:

    Honestly Sarah, I HATE heels, but becuase these are wedges they are really comfortable. J x

  • Louise says:

    oooh, these look perfect!
    I had some great navy blue Camper sandles in the ’90’s that were so comfortable that I still think wistfully of them. I have a real problem with summer footwear, I’m size 8 and narrow fitting and plus the fact my knee consultant has banned me from heels – but these look like I could get away with them without being in agony for 3 days after (which is what happened the last time I thought sod it and wore 3″ heels) and look a little bit dressy! The Clarks original sandles will do for walking the dog…..

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