Yet another reason why I love Lena Dunham

It was only a matter of time before Lena Dunham made a fashion film and it makes sense that she would work with designer Rachel Antonoff , as she is dating the designer’s brother.. Shot in a Wes Anderson-esque style, Best Friends features two friends (played by Lena’s sister Grace Dunham and Alice Gregory) who share a New York apartment.

The perfect way to showcase Rachel Antonoff’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, the style and humour makes a refreshing change to the usual – whispering girl, wafting around behind a cloudy lens – vacuous fashion film.?

The film was made exclusively for


  • Dorothy says:

    Based on your recommendation, I watched the 1st season of GIRLS this week. What a combination of reactions: laughing, cringing, being shocked, being fascinated. I stayed up way too late watching “just one more episode”. My husband saw part of one episode and then made a point of staying out of the room.
    And then I mentioned the show at a party last night. One woman who has a 16 year old daughter who is currently pushing the boundaries said she absolutely will not watch. Another said she will watch while using her elleptical machine at 5 am while the family is asleep. (To me, the show seems like a very odd way to start one’s day). A woman across the room heard us and jumped into the conversation, calling Lena Dunham incredibly self-satisfied,and a tool of the misogynist producer Judd Apatow.
    It’s thought-provokng & a real conversation starter. Is it an endorsement of this lifestyle? A critique? A description of being female 20-something in this time and place? From the opening credits, when the word GIRLS fills the screen: every time I think but they aren’t girls, they are women…
    Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Jane says:

    Dorothy I love your thoughts on Girls and yes it really does divide opinion and it definately doesn’t appeal to men.Whats an elleptical machine? J x

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