Life through a sepia tinted lens: Instagram

While we are wary of encouraging any more social networking habits, we felt compelled to share our love of Instagram with you!

Like Twitter but with pictures, it’s a great way of sharing images of the things you love with other like minded people. As with all forms of SN, there are those who use it as a way of “showing off” but we don’t follow them and most of our images are of food, flowers and dogs – don’t you just love a pug in a glittery wig – oh and the occasional pair of fabulous shoes (thanks Nic)!

There are various filters you can apply to your pics, so matter how bad you are at photography (that’ll be me then) all your images look fabulous. If only real life were like that!

Simply download the app on you phone and link it to your Twitter or Facebook accounts – or keep it completely separate. Follow us at The Womens Room blog.


  • sarah says:

    ‘Less Passion’ send me back in my time machine to my time as a student in London. A man carried this placard around Oxford street. Great to see it again. Does he mean more sitting?
    Where is it now, I would like to visit?

  • Becky says:

    I have Instagram but I hardly ever use it – my thinking is – who wants to look at pictures of my kids all the time apart from me ?!!! It is however available for Android as well as iphone – my husband has it on his phone and he has one of those GTC thingy’s – not au fait with anything that isn’t Apple these days, so I don’t have a clue what it is !

  • Amanda says:

    Hi Sarah, it’s the same placard and I snapped it as The Museum of London this weekend! The joy of Instagram ! Ax

  • Jude says:

    Instagram’s been available for androids for some time now.
    Is that the original ‘Less Passion” placard? I’m sure I read years ago that the guy who wore that around Oxford Circus had passed away – where did you see it?! Is someone else carrying on his tradition?

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