How to make friends at your Jubilee party

So, if like us, you are heading to your street’s Jubilee party today, you might like a few tips on how to make friends, especially if you are new to your street and don’t know too many of your neighbours. Our first suggestion is to dress like these two delightful ladies we spotted yesterday by Tower Bridge, while walking along the Avenue Of Sail, who were really in the Jubilee spirit. Everyone stopped to talk to them and take their picture, they must of made lots of new friends.

Alternatively, you could bake this Jubilee almond flan and take along. Every time I make this someone asks for the recipe, it will definitely make you friends.

The Women’s Room Jubilee almond flan

First make the cake base…..

100g butter

100g sugar

2 eggs

150g self raising flour

Make as for normal cake, so beat sugar and butter until light, slowly add eggs until well mixed, then fold in flour. Put in well greased loose bottom tin (like one you would use for a quiche) that is about 28cms wide, you’re looking for thin and wide, not deep….cook for about 6-10 mins, until JUST cooked, and still pale, go for under rather than over cooking as you are going to cook it again when the topping is done.

allow to cool a little.

Now make the almondy caramel topping….

150 butter

150 sugar

100g almonds flaked

6 tblsp milk

Add all ingredients to a heavy bottom pan and slowly bring to boil. Go easy.

Once everything has nicely melted together you can start rapidly boiling…. for 10 mins  but really until caramelised and pale brown. Again take care not to over cook as it will carry on cooking in the oven.

Slightly fork holes into sponge and pour the caramel nutty mix over sponge, bake for further 10 mins until brown

I sometimes add ground almonds to the flour (take out a bit of flour) to enrich the sponge.

I have an Aga so I cook this in the cake oven, I guess it’s about 150c, maybe less, but use what ever temp used normally cook a spongecake at.

Freezes very well.


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