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These days food seems to have almost as many trends as fashion. Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact we constantly share images on social networking and everywhere you look people are up loading pictures of cocktails in jam jars and their delicious East End breakfast!

For me the way food looks is as important as the way it tastes and as a cook/baker I am all about the presentation!! It may not always taste that great, but I’m sure as Hell going to make it look good. So the lovely images I see on a daily basis continually inspire me to try out new things.

I came across the lifestyle blog Manger recently and love its blend of French culture, recipes and beautiful photography. I particularly like the way writer Mimi Thorisson has combined her love of gardening and cooking and uses real flowers as decoration.

The gorgeous garden cake was inspired by the flowers and foliage in her garden and a recent update used edible flowers.

Josephine ruffle cake and Marie-Antoinette's secrets by

Garden roses are used for the Josephine Ruffle cake and Marie-Antoinette’s secrets, which would make lovely wedding cakes.

You can also follow Mimi (mimithor ) on Instagram and take a look on Pinterest for lots more cake decorating ideas.

Some lovely ideas from Pinterest



  • Jennifer says:

    Such fabulous cakes – I do like my cakes to look as good as they taste – but I think I wouldn’t mind if these didn’t taste too good because they are simply stunning. I’m off the garden to pick some flowers. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Louise says:

    These are simply stunning! Such a feast for the eyes!

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